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Paper Craft


It's interesting.  We promise.

UNIQUE. TALENTED. making your mark.

Once upon a time, I was a true believer that to be successful you had to put your career first... I believed in working hard and then working harder - everything else would take care of itself.  Two decades later I realized that I had to make a change to be better.

With extensive knowledge in sales, corporate marketing, executive positions at a few major BPOs, and lots of complex projects with Big 4 consulting firms - I knew that my global experiences could benefit companies that were looking for a "utility player" - someone who sees a gap and fills that gap.  My philosophy is that success is a continuous circle of experience driving performance which then drives experience.  I am passionate about providing holistic services - delivering meaningful solutions that matter while coaching individuals to perform at their peak levels. 


EXCELLENCE IS 50% quality output and 50% mental

With that mantra in mind, I took a giant leap of faith and started the ideal consulting firm.   Just like origami, we take our clients' basic blank sheet and transform it into whatever they need - a bespoke customer experience, a scalable support enablement infrastructure, a Go to Market strategy.  We transform business operations and people.

Innovation through transformation - that's what we do for you.

What? You want that in business-speak? Well, Ok then.

We are a boutique agency offering concierge strategic consulting and marketing services to small to medium-sized businesses, start-ups, and established corporations seeking to transform their customer experience, customer loyalty, or implement new thinking in our new ever-changing customer landscape.  Our unique hub and spoke model allows our clients to have access to the best talent and innovative solutions without the hassle of managing multiple vendors. With a bi-coastal core team, our network of experts spans the globe enabling 24/7 operations for optimized delivery.

We are a people-focused business and believe in work/life balance as a critical enabler to quality. As a result, we are selective in the clients that we partner with as our services are only part of the success equation - we expect our clients to fully participate as solution design collaborators.

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